A project that is out of the ordinary! It’s an extreme sport that gives you the opportunity to participate. Thanks to the sea trips, there are always stories that you can tell! A complete project that offers: A real communication tool for your customers as well as your employees.

The media content of the project will be free of rights for you, to share as much as you want in your relations. A public relation tool. Each partner evening, baptism, inauguration and others, are new events as well to establish new links with other companies, and why not future customers, than for the pleasure of having a drink. A commercial animation tool. Nothing like a contest around an outing to animate your offices.

A branding tool: photos and videos show your colors, they also show your dynamism and increase your notoriety. A media tool. At each event, the cameras and journalists will be able to project you on the media scene. Improve your performance by conveying, to your employees and your customers, your values ​​of companies that join those of the project: Motivation, daring, solidity, ethical, human, commitment, synergy, risk control, progress, emotion, will, undertaking, implication, skills, passion, innovation, future, performance, team building, energy, trajectory, result, spirit of team.