The Start Of 2021

You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore

Christopher Columbus

Big changes have already happened this very beginning of 2021 and the first one and most important one is that I’ve moved to France!

Skeiron 911 back on the water after a long winter getting warm in the yard.

With very little work on the horizon and with the mini based in La Rochelle I took the opportunity to start the year here in France where I can train, learn and improve with the Pole of La Rochelle (a group of 25 minis training together with the same objective of finishing the Mini Transat).

Since I’ve arrived it’s been all about getting the boat ready for training, mainly minor repairs until I found a broken strand on the forestay, this means I am now waiting for a new cable before being able to go out sailing. But it’s part of this beautiful hobby, lifestyle, passion… called sailing.

You can barely see it but a broken strand on the stay could cause a lot of damage to the mast and sails.

Once the new forestay is installed, it’s busy busy! We’ve got a lot of trainings planned ranging from Mental preparation, nutrition, weather routing, maintenance and, of course, offshore training. So spirits are high and hopefully we’ll reach the racing season (starting April) fully prepared and ready to give our best on a very competitive Class.

I would also like to thanks everyone who has contributed in this adventure so far, it’s been amazing to see how many of you are following me and makes me really proud and motivated knowing I’ve got you all behind this too!

Happy to be back on Skeiron 911!

These are the updates for now but believe me it will start getting real very soon and I’ll keep you all up to date with all the prep and training coming ahead!

Fair winds to everyone and a massive THANKS

Alex and Skeiron 911

Publicado por Alex Laline

My name is Alex Laline and I'm starting an adventure to be at the start line of the Mini Transat 2021


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