What’s going on?

So first of all it is with great news that the qualifying passage has been accepted by Classe Mini!! Which takes us a step closer to be qualified for the Mini Transat 2021. Check out the project in this link

So back in La Rochelle we had the chance to go to Les Sables d’Olonne and watch the start of Les Sables – Açores – Les Sables, which due to the Covid 19 will take place in the Bay of Morlaix instead. I went there 3 days earlier to help other minis get ready and I took the chance to see what are we missing onboard and other ways to get Skeiron on top level before the first race in September.

Towing some minis out of Les Sables

Julien Pulvé (2nd in the Mini Transat 2015) took us with the rib of the Pole La Rochelle and after helping towing some of the minis out the harbour I had the privilege to watch the start from the water. With 72 minis on the start line it was great to see what to expect for the upcoming race!

Now I’m back in La Rochelle and the whole month of August will be focused on getting Skeiron 911 ready for the Mini en Mai (500 miles) starting the 8th of September.

Here’s a list of things I need to do so you have an idea what I’m working on:

⁃ install the emergency lights

⁃ Get a new Solar panel and install it

⁃ Fix the bowsprit

⁃ Fix the rudders

⁃ Change the position of the radar reflector

⁃ Fix the jib

⁃ Offshore training

– Get new running rigging

⁃ Scrub Skeiron till I can see my face on her

This is the list of the most important jobs without taking in account all the safety parts needed to take part in the race.

So it’s looking like a busy month but luckily we have Bastian (Mini Transat 2019) who will be helping us getting ready for the racing season.

I am also proud to announce that I’ll be joining the amazing team of la Pole La Rochelle, with Julien Pulvé as the coach. There will be 25 minis training together in preparation for the Mini Transat and sharing and helping each other.

This is the beautiful things about the Classe Mini and sailing in general, the community that shares and helps each other in any given time!

Through this month I’ll be sharing with you how the preparation is going and how Skeiron 911 is getting her new toys and how I’ll be getting ready physically and mentally.

Whoop whoop!!!

Happy face rounding the last mark of the qualifying passage

Publicado por Alex Laline

My name is Alex Laline and I'm starting an adventure to be at the start line of the Mini Transat 2021

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