My Professional Career

From yacht deliveries, to instructor, explorer and Ocean racer.

On my return from sailing round the world (check it out in this link) I never went back to a “normal” life. I was determined to sail, to race and to discover. And that’s exactly what I did right after getting my Yachtmaster qualifications.

I started by doing deliveries, which was a great way to sail lots of different yachts from 30 to 80ft and to explore different parts of the world. Although a great experience and great fun for while, I didn’t feel the same passion I felt when racing.

I joined the Royal Yachting Association and shortly after I became a Cruising Instructor, teaching Competent Crew and Day Skippers on 40ft yachts. That period didn’t last long, cause it was around at that time when I decided to go back to big yachts and do something different.

In 2017 I joined the Clipper Race Training Team, starting as a 1st mate and developing into skipper over the years. I always felt very comfortable on those boats, which allowed me to be calm, confident and comfortable with a high pressure job.

Teaching some of the 2019-20 Clipper Race

Till the date I’ve trained over 950 amateur race crew to go and race round the world with the Clipper yachts. During this period I’ve met amazing people and made friends for life.  

While working for Clipper on my first year, I was put in contact with an expedition company and after having a chat with them I was really attracted by the itinerary, they were sailing to places like Honduras, Morocco, the Baltic, Cuba, the Arctic Circle… I was really excited.

At the end of 2018 it’s the time I joined Rubicon 3 and, like Clipper, I would start as a 1st mate and through the years I would start skippering some of the trips.

I’ve sailed to the Norwegian Fjords and climbed a glacier, to the Lofoten Islands and swam while in the Arctic Circle, to the Faroes and realise there isn’t actually that much fog in the UK, to the Hebrides and saw how beautiful is Scotland, I’ve explored the Caribbean and drunk rum in rum shacks, visited and explored the Azores, Madeira and the Canaries, sailed and explored the coast of Morocco while avoiding fishing boats, crossed the Bay of Biscay over 14 times, crossed the Atlantic 4 times, I’ve crossed the Panama Canal 3 times, I’ve been to Abu Dhabi and matched race 2 Volvo 60’s

Having a coffee break in the high Latitudes

The job with Rubicon 3 gave me the opportunity to explore places I never thought I would have the chance to discover. All that together with learning the hard way when things don’t go to plan and when things need to be fixed in the middle of nowhere have brought me a wide range of experience. Check it out here

To this day I’m still skippering for Clipper training, I’m still exploring remote places with Rubicon 3 and when not training or exploring, I’m racing with 911 to achieve the goal of competing in the Mini Transat 2021. Check out the project in this link

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My name is Alex Laline and I'm starting an adventure to be at the start line of the Mini Transat 2021

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