The adventure begins


Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

– Oscar Wilde.

My name is Alex Laline and I’m starting an adventure to be at the start line of the Mini Transat 2021.

As you may be aware, “mini” means very small of it’s kind, that’s because the boat I’m sailing the second largest ocean in the world – The Atlantic, – it’s just 6.5 m long. We love a contradiction right? 

If you have ended up in this website may be because you’re family, you’re a good friend, a pirate, a sea fanatic or just someone who’s googled the wrong thing at the wrong time and has no clue what this sailing race is about- either way welcome! I’m really happy to have you navigating through the media with me.

This will be my sailing diary through this two year preparation process, I’m expecting excitement, sadness, adrenaline and maybe, just maybe, some darkness. But that’s sailing for you! 

Thank you for your support and welcome on board!