Hi everybody! 

So these last few weeks have been all about the preparation, all about having everything ready to jump onboard Skeiron and not worry about “not sailing” related stuff. 

What does that exactly mean? 

  • Making sure we have the website up and running
  • Making sure our social networks and crowdfunding sites are up and running
  • Making sure we have all the appropriate paper charts
  • Making sure we have all the appropriate publications 
  • Making sure we have all the appropriate tools for Celestial Navigation
  • Making sure we have all the lines, winches, jammers, sails, steering, etc. In order and in good shape
  • Making sure that Skeiron has a new bottom fro the racing season
  • Making sure that all the inscription fees for racing are up to date

This is just some of the examples of what is going on right now, which wouldn’t be possible without the magnificent help of Maria Astorga (Maria is our PR, photographer, web designer, supporter, motivator and most especially, the person whom without her help none of this would be possible)   

Many of you might be wondering what’s next? Well, as soon as everything is ready, myself and Skeiron are gonna go for a period of familiarisation. It is a requirement in order to qualify for the Mini Transat to do a 1.000 nautical miles qualifying passage, with no assistance, with a sextant and with all the excitement, we’ll leave La Rochelle, head NW towards Ireland, go around “Conningbeg” (a mark in Irish waters) and head back to La Rochelle to complete this familiarisation course with Skeiron. 

So spirits are high, negativity is low and myself and Skeiron are ready to get going!! 

Fair winds everybody 

Alex & Skeiron-911