The specificity of the Mini-Transat is the absence of total communication between competitors and earth. It’s this isolation during the race that makes the magic and the mystery of the Mini-Transat.

It becomes a challenge to face extreme situations daily, experience nature intensely, overcoming oneself and facing your fears. It’s an exciting challenge within you.


Winter months

It’s been great to be back sailing big boats and to have the opportunity to train on a Class 40 for the winter Alex Laline So after what was the end of the racing season for Skeiron and some work confirmed with the expedition company Rubicon 3 for the month of October, it was timeSigue leyendo “Winter months”

Our First Mini Race!!

It’s been a great opportunity to see what we need to work on. An amazing overall experience with a great taste of the circuit Alex Laline about the Mini en Mai Well what an amazing experience!! Skeiron 911 and I have just finished our first single-handed race, a 500nm loop around the difficult coast ofSigue leyendo “Our First Mini Race!!”

What’s going on?

So first of all it is with great news that the qualifying passage has been accepted by Classe Mini!! Which takes us a step closer to be qualified for the Mini Transat 2021. Check out the project in this link So back in La Rochelle we had the chance to go to Les Sables d’OlonneSigue leyendo “What’s going on?”